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Health Emergency and Disaster Nursing

© 2014 Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree Program

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Edited by: Barbra Mann Wall

Online ISSN: 2188-2061

Current Issue:2017 Volume4 Issue 1

Health Emergency and Disaster Nursing (HEDN) is the first contributes to disaster prevention and regeneration by bringing the wisdom of nursing science together. It is also the official English-language Journal of the Disaster Nursing Global Leader Program (DNGL).


Health Emergency and Disaster Nursing (HEDN)は全ての記事がオープンアクセスで、災害に携われる研究者、実践家、学生からのご意見、ご助言、メッセージなどを、ジャーナル本体、ウェブサイト、Facebookを通し、新規情報として世界に発信するために募集します。積極的な投稿をお待ちしています。

Health Emergency and Disaster Nursing (HEDN) expresses our deep sympathy for all people affected by the April 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, Ecuador earthquakes and other disasters followed one after another. We extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved families of victims. We express our respect and gratitude to all parties devoting their utmost to rescue efforts and disaster countermeasures in the disaster zone, and we fervently hope that everyone in the disaster zone can recover as soon as possible and return to normal life.

All the articles are Open Access. HEDN invites disaster nursing-related researchers, practitioners, and students to offer their opinions, tips, and messages to disseminate as new information through the HEDN journal, web site, or Facebook. Please submit your article to https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hedn or contact HEDN-editorial@primeassociates.jp to share your thoughts and ideas.

News items, report and articles are available from here.

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